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What do you think "island paradise" means? You would probably say, a place with white sand surrounded by turquoise blue water? An island full of palm trees, coconut palms or banana trees under a blazing sun? Where calm and well-being go hand in hand? It is true that this concept of a paradise island is very old... According to some sources, in ancient times, a "paradise island" was a privileged place for the ancient civilizations, notably the Greek Gods. What they made of it was a support of Paradise... As far as I am concerned, and thanks to this trip, I have understood that MY island paradise is a resourceful and incredibly lively place... I choose the term "alive" because that is what defines Iceland for what it is.

«This picture as a painting»

Sveitarfélagið Hornafjörður
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October 2021. Two weeks dedicated to exploring an island in solo which is, in my opinion, heavenly. It is called: Iceland... It is undeniable that this country can only be described by one word: "Impressive". These landscapes so vast and as far as the eye can see... We can go from a huge glacier to a rocky mountain. From a small spring of forty-degree water in the middle of an icy, choppy sea. From miles of hiking to an exceptional viewpoint.

For this trip, I left with a totally serene mind. I can confirm that it is not for nothing that Iceland has the lowest crime rate...

Is the elected country peaceful.

There, everything can be a source of water. All these waterfalls, whether they are small, medium or huge. Or whether this water comes from rain, snow, ice that melts little by little (although it is worrying), those little drops falling from inside the caves etc... Everything is a source of water in Iceland and it is quite impressive!

During my route, I was amazed to see flocks of sheep walking along the roadside or eating grass in their pasture. And when it wasn't these little herbivores, I could see cows and horses...

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«Waves that look like mountains»


«You feel like the king of the world on top of the mountains but so powerless at their feet»

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